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In the last week before winter break, it is tempting to let the curriculum go a little, to kick back and enjoy my students without my mathematical lens. NOT! For me, there is much more pleasure in going deeper into curriculum. If there is something to let go of, it is the “schoolishness” of some math that we do.  In the video below, I was able to revel in one of my favorite topics: factoring polynomials.  This method, based on thinking of products as area and factors as dimensions, was taught to me by Dr. Tom Kieren, an exceptional scholar and educator.

I would like to see this kind of factoring in all our high school classrooms.  It demonstrates three features of a well chosen algorithm:  transparency, error resistance, and memorability.

What could be better than a challenging math activity each day of December!  I wish I could have embedded it here, but alas, this link will have to do.

This one is for Secondary Students:

And this one is for Primary:

These are great launching pads for parent/child interaction.


I do my school work in a very noisy room.  To help me focus, I like to have sound to block out the conversations in the room. Sometimes I use “white noise” which I find on-line at  But today, I am listening to classical music from  I choose classical because it does not distract me from my work (by getting me to tap my toes or sing!).  If you try this, or if you have your own favorite sound to work by, please post.

Happy on-line learning to all,