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Rectangle with GCF

Students and I worked on factoring a trinomial that had a common factor.  Notice that the common factor need not come out of the product first as is often demonstrated.  In the top example, you see that the common factor means that there are two duplicate rectangles to be considered.  In the bottom left, we showed that there are at least two correct ways to factor correctly.  In the bottom right, we see a student who factored out the 2 at the start. 

three related

Two students and I used our skills to factor three polynomials using tiles and grids.  Notice that the rectangles are the same “shape” for all three. For more information and practice on the is method, see the video below.



Merry Christmas everyone! I have some friends who write songs and I think this one is funny. It is about Canadian curler, Brad Gushue.

But the math connection for me is also fascinating. How does one create enough interest so that a video goes viral. And what does the graph of the viewing pattern look like.  Here is an interesting article about that. I will post this video’s statistics over the next few days. The chorus is fun to sing.  If you watch on a desk top or laptop, you will see the words. 🙂