2. How will your teacher mark Math 31

Marking for Math 31

  • Module 1:  Omit
  • Module 2:  Teacher scored and worth 10%
  • Assessment meeting with teacher:  2%
  • Module 3-8:  Self-assessed* (corrections, notes to self, questions for clarification) 8% each
  • Practice final:  optional, no marks, available on-site only and by appointment
  • Final Exam:  40% on-site with the date TBA

*Click on this link to see what I will look for in your self assessment.  You will find the key to all modules in our Moodle site.  They will appear as you need them.  You will correct your own work, makes notes to yourself, and ask questions of me.  You need not give yourself a grade.  I will, instead, grade the quality of your self-marking.  In other words, I will ask, “Has this student done all he/she can to advance his/her learning through this assignment?”