Dear students:

This is your teacher, Shannon Sookochoff, sometimes called Sookie...okay, okay, this was 2004...

Before calling or emailing me for help, please be sure you have checked the following:

  1. My blog: (You are here now…so good job!!!)
  2. Your text book.  Use the index and table of contents to locate what you need.
  3. The workbook key (if you have chosen to buy the workbook)
  4. The lesson activities that are recommended in the coil booklets (if you registered as correspondence)
  5. The website:
  6. YouTube (searched by topic or key word in the lesson you are working on)
  7. Once you have done the above 6 items (as appropriate), contact me and I will be happy to help.

Shannon Sookochoff BA, BEd, MEd, Teacher

Argyll Centre – Terrace Heights Campus

6859 100 AVE NW

Edmonton, AB T6A 0G3

Phone: 780-485-5298

Toll Free: 1-888-532-7222, ext 298

Please go the portal to find my email address or use the form below.

Important reminder for effective communication:

  1. When you email, be sure to put your course name in the subject heading.  Include the details of your questions, enough that I do not need to go to resources to understand what you mean.  That way, I can get back to you more quickly.
  2. When you phone and leave a message, clearly and slowly state your NAME, COURSE, PHONE NUMBER, and the nature of your question.